31 May 2018 - Rob D'Amico
Fred Engelbrecht



Fred Engelbrecht was a 35-year member of the Hamilton Fire department and a WW 2 veteran.  He was one of 582 Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (RHLI) soldiers who landed on the Beach of Dieppe on August 19, 1942.  Fred was captured by the Germans and was a prisoner of war for the next three years until he and other soldiers were freed by the Allies.  When Fred returned from Europe he joined the Hamilton Fire Department where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant before his retirement.  [ ... ]

29 Mar 2018 - Rob D'Amico
2017-2018 Hockey Championship

The 2017-2018 Hockey season is in the books.  Crongratulations to this years winner, the Jets, who defeated a very competative team in the Leafs 6-4 in front of a well attended game.  Congratulations also to the rest of the teams in the league on a very fun year. Special thanks to Ron Nordoff and all the Captains and everyone else who helped to make this season a very enjoyable one.  

25 Mar 2018 - Rob D'Amico
LODD Funeral City of York Pennsylvania

After the tragic loss of two firefighters in the City of York, Pennsylvania, the Executive Committee is asking any members who wish to attend the LODD funeral to submit their names to alarm room (ext 3336) prior to Monday March 26  at 5:00 pm.  Tentative departure time is Wednesday morning at 5:00 am and returning Thursday afternoon.  Accommodation and transportation will be decided on once the number of members who wish to attend is determined.  Full dress uniform is required [ ... ]

10 Jan 2018 - Rob D'Amico
Tim Hortons workers

As you all are undoubtedly aware since the minimum wage rate increased on January 1 some Tim Hortons franchises have announced they’re reducing employer paid benefits and eliminating paid breaks.  The Executive Board supports the workers of Tim Hortons and all workers to receive a fair, livable and appropriate wage.  We hope for a positive resolution for these workers and all other workers who may be treated unfairly.


Executive Board

17 Dec 2017 - Rob D'Amico
2017 Christmas Party

The 2017 Christmas Party was held at Waterdown Bowling lanes.  There were close to 100 members, retirees and families in attendance including Santa and Mrs Claus.  It was a fun afternoon by everyone there and all the kids left with a big smile on their faces.  Great work by Kris Hazen and the Entertainment Committee for putting on a wonderful time.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

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